Please read the following instructions to register your personal information with the SSI online system and affiliate it to the Livingseas Dive Center account. Once you've completed all the steps, your instructor can register you directly for the course you are interested in taking.


If you are already an SSI diver, then go ahead and skip ahead to step 5 below!


If you don't want to go through all the steps below, you can also contact us directly on Whatsapp and we can get the registration done for you!

Register and Affiliate with Livingseas on MySSI

First, fill out your Personal Data and click Next.


SSI diving coures registration personal data

Next, search for Livingseas under Training Center.


SSI diving coures registration select Livingseas

Lastly, check all the boxes, hit send, and that's it!


SSI diving coures registration confirm and submit

Check your email to get your My SSI Account and Password. Once you have received it, please go ahead and download the MySSI app (Android) or (iOS) on your mobile device, log in, and check for your Master ID which you can find in your profile.


Click on a link below to download the MySSI app on your mobile device.

Send us a message on Whatsapp, tell us your Master ID and let us know the course you are interested in and you'll be in the water soon!