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It was an unforgettable experience. We chose Livingseas because one of my friends recommended them and there are lots of good things about them. Especially doing your first dives in Padangbai, that was also very memorable. So if you guys want to be open water divers, you should come to Padangbai and take your course with Livingseas!

I am now an open water diver! 3 days of diving with Livingseas was so enjoyable. I get to see schooling fish and the Livingseas crew are very fun. the instructor was very clear and thorough with his explanation which made it very easy for us to learn. So if you are interested in taking the open water diver course, Livingseas is the best choice to do it with. The long trip to Padangbai was definitely worth it!

My experience with the Open Water Course is extraordinary. We learned a lot, from the basics, the breathing, and the environments. The instructors are incredible. Agus, Keith, and Leon all contributed. The class was very engaging, it was a very active learning experience. Before we know it, the class was finished.

3 days of learning with Livingseas was a very nice experience. I now understand that there are certain techniques in diving. The instructors taught us step by step about it and to stay calm in any situation. Overall, it was super fun!

When I came here, it was actually very interesting. The instructors are very friendly and caring. They helped us a lot in the practical and the training side. They are many types of dive where we learn and then the last one will be the real dive where we pair up with buddies and we actually went down to see what they actually did also for the conservation which is very commendable.