Artisans of diving.

Deepening the relationship between humans and the living seas.

A new breed of dive center. Where developing skilled divers is a priority.

To form a community that cares for each other and the ocean, where conservation is a default setting.

Where every dive is an exploration of not just the ocean, but of your inner selves as well.

Embark on this journey with us as friends and become part of the family.

We offer quality dive education with a focus on conservation.

Join the better diving revolution!

Why would you want to dive with us?

The ocean is a very dynamic environment which nobody cannot predict. Livingseas can help you be a better diver by broadening your point of view on what real diving should be like. Don't let your lack of skill stop you from enjoying the vast beauty of the underwater world.


We make it a point to impart our knowledge on how to dive better to all divers that dive with us, not only just for you, but for the environment.


The ocean awaits for your visit, but are you up for the challenge?

See what they said about us...

I love the conservation work that Livingseas team is doing, the corals are really beautiful. Overall, it was a proper day!

It is always very enjoyable diving with Livingseas, they always organize everything really nicely with friendly crews. Of course, there's a  cool hangout afterwards.

As a new diver, diving with Livingseas has taught me a lot about proper trim, propulsion, safety and even awareness!