The ocean is vast and wide, and holds the dreams of many.

There are multiple paths that you can go with your diving, from a recreational, technical, or ecological path, Livingseas is able to help you achieve any diving dreams and ambitions you might have.

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Always thought that there was some lack of knowledge in your diving? Perhaps there were unanswered questions you had from your diving courses, or an experience you had that made you feel that you needed to know more?


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Managing Currents

Strong current is something that strikes fear into even the most experienced diver. Whether it's a long drift dive, or a strong down current, it's a force of nature that we always have to be prepared to deal with when diving.


Be better prepared against the currents by reading this email course and learning from our past mistakes and near misses!


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Albert delivered the course very professionally, and he taught me if something happens during your dive, you know what to do. A lot of people have told me that being an advanced diver is enough, but in my opinion, it's worth it to take the Rescue course. We never know what could happen underwater. It's better to be prepared for the worst. Taking the Rescue course has made me a more responsible diver. So, if you have time and you are an advanced diver, go take the Rescue course as well. See you guys and I hope you can take it with Livingseas Asia!​

I'm diving with Livingseas to learn about Coral ID, this time with Leon himself. So, my diving experience with Livingseas has been really amazing. I did 2 days of diving. On the first day, we learned about the coral ID itself, and even learned to pick up several corals that are still alive and we can still give them a second chance to grow again at the conservation site.


On the second day, we planted the corals that we found yesterday and we planted them on the star itself and I put my name on it. So, I'm really looking forward to their growth for the next few months.

Their staff is very thorough, very detailed. I feel like they put safety above everything. So we would feel really safe diving with all of them. They are all very professional, very friendly as well and they'd go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable in your diving experience.

Although lengthy and thorough, its definitely worth the time and effort to take up this class, I was able to learn the fundamentals, as implied in the name of the course, and definitely my awareness of group diving has improved greatly! I look forward to future classes!

Leon - the Instructor - was very professional, friendly, with an eye for details. He coud pick up even minor difficulties and offer good advice how to correct them. His natural sense of humour added to creating a very nice atmosphere during the course. GUE should be proud to have such an instructor.

Leon was a great asset to us students and an excellent teacher. He constantly focused on improving and pushed us to be better divers than we were on the previous dive.


His feedback was always fair and precise, always encouraging but he let us know what our mistakes were and where we needed to improve.


Watching him in the water was an experience in and of itself, immaculate trim, buoyancy, and perfectly positioned at all times. I thoroughly recommend him to all I know who are interested in improving their diving and the GUE method.

Wow, what a truly amazing experience. I had the absolute pleasure of upgrading from Open Water to Advanced Adventurer with Living Seas at Padangbai. 


They are first class educators and trainers. Super professional with a huge breadth of experience and skills between them. I felt very safe throughout all the dives due to their diligence and care. 


I really enjoyed the structure of the training with a clear and concise outlay before each dive and a patient and detailed debrief so we all soaked up the lessons of what we'd learnt.

The diving itself was just glorious; enough to be challenging but within my own skills set as an Open Water diver. 


I highly recommend the Living Seas team to anyone wanting to dive in Bali and further their skills, I'm already planning my next adventures with them.